About us, What we do.

What is wheelchair sports Hull and why was it set up??

Wheelchair Sports Hull was set up June 2013 due to the need of extra funding needed to kick start and keep clubs going in the Hull and East Riding area. Every bit of money we earn goes back into sports teams or into projects that help the growth of wheelchair sports for example our "teach program"

One of our goals was to bring Hull and East Riding its first disability sports awards fundraising event. On Friday 21st February 2013 we made this happen. With the help of our sponsors, we had over 200 people in attendance..

We run projects to teach staff and learners about disability sports, we show that disability sports, like wheelchair basketball, is not just for people that have a disability but for everyone. We are set to launch our "teach, grow and learn about disability sports program" in 2015 set for the Paralympic games in 2016 .

This program helps teach people with and without disabilities the importance of working in a team and even if someone is disabled, there can do much more than most people would think. We help people aged 8 years old to over 60 years of age to help show what sport can do. Sports does more than keep people fit. It improves people’s mental health and helps them understand that they are worth something.

How we work :

35% of our money that we raise goes back to sports clubs right away in some way.

35% goes into a fund that when a sports club needs a large amount of money for a reason for example a clubs clothes are damaged because of floods, the money is there for to help them out straight away.

30% goes into our school project program where we go into school and teach about disability sports. School project page will be coming very soon.

No funds are ever paid out to wages, as everybody works for free.